The Other Bit of the "House" Story

I obtained a copy of the Kawerau District Council’s property file for 3 Kirk Crescent. To my surprise, it contained a letter written by Tony (who is the council’s building inspector – not sure what qualifies an ex cop to do that job) to the BNZ on 17 November 2011. It said that the top storey of the house had been built in Rotorua and transported to Kawerau on a truck. It also said that my father had been responsible for some illegal works on the property.

It is blindingly obvious from the construction photos that the house was fully built on site. It is also clear from the property file that my father was probably not the one who was responsible for the illegal works.

I complained to the council that one of their staff was disseminating false information to a third party, and using his role as a council employee to do so. I have since had a retraction and something which is almost but not quite an apology from the council about the “built in Rotorua” bit of the story. I have had a partial response to the rest and although promised a proper answer, I still don’t have it.

The real mystery is why Tony Moller cares where the house was built, because he certainly does care – since I complained to his employer he has tried to get someone else to verify his story, which won’t happen because the photos, unlike Tony, don’t lie.