What Else?

Just so that Tony can never accuse me of leaving things out of this story, here are the rest of the allegations and comments on the Police file:

  1. On 1 December 2011 Tony sent the Police a photo of dad, me, my sister and four other people, which looks as though it was taken in the early to mid 1970s. He said that two of those other people were my aunt (dad’s sister) and uncle “from West Auckland” and that one of them was “a DOC Ranger at Napier”, with the fourth being a traffic officer.

    Neither I, nor my mother or sister, remembers the occasion on which the photo was taken and none of us can identify the extra people in it. My aunt and uncle are not two of the people in the photo. Tony is wrong about that. Neither did my aunt and uncle ever live in West Auckland.

  2. Why Tony would think that one of the men was a DOC ranger from Napier, or what the point was, is anyone’s guess.

  3. On 7 December 2011 Tony emailed the Police to say that a Kawerau man had picked up Mona Blades and another girl hitchhiking at Tirau on the day that Ms Blades went missing. The girls were dropped off at Ngongataha. Ms Blades gave them a note with her name, address and phone number. Later this man gave the note to the Kawerau police, but no statement was ever taken from him.
  4. What are we supposed to make of this? Ms Blades is known to have made it to Taupo and beyond. Seems unlikely that she would have been going from Hamilton to Hastings via Rotorua. Relevance to my father? None that I can see.

  5. Dad borrowed some concrete off someone and later replaced it. The person who he borrowed it from, put the timing as February / March 1976. Clearly suspicious behaviour from someone who at the time was finishing off a house build...not.

  6. From an internal Police email – “Tony has also linked HINTON to the Tracy Anne Patients (sic) disappearance in Auckland in 1976”. There is not, on the file, one single other word to support this allegation. Sigh.

  7. Same internal Police email – “I am told by Tony that psychics have told him that he is on the right track”. Oh well, that makes all the difference then. Except that they are wrong. Tony also supplied the Police copies of photographs that he said showed ghosts in the walls. Do you see bogey men in dark corners too, Tony?
  8. Tony sent an email to the Police on 1 February 2012. Amongst other things, he said the following:
  9. [Name deleted by Police, seems to be the same person who told the story about the plastic bag being buried in the front section] also advised me that when she applied to get her driver’s license for her job as an ambulance driver some years ago Hinton told her that if she did was (sic) he requested she would get her license. He put the hard word on her. Xxxxx walked out of the office, rung xxxxx who was a traffic officer in Whakatane at this time. He apparently went through to Kawerau and took xxxxx for her drivers license.

    Well, this person was interviewed by the Police about the plastic bag and she never mentioned anything about this in her statement. Still, given Tony’s track record with attributing “facts” to people who then don’t back him up (eg the car painter) maybe this isn’t surprising.

    Dad once got into trouble with his superiors for failing too many people on their driving tests. He wouldn’t pass anyone who he didn’t think was up to scratch and had a real reputation as a tough examiner. But he would pass someone in return for a “favour”, who was going to be driving passengers at high speed? Yeah right. And, even if this happened...it doesn’t make dad a murderer.

  10. There is another, vaguely similar, story in the same email, except this one is Tony telling the Police what a person told him who was repeating what someone else told her. I’m not even going to dignify a fourth hand, unsupported story by discussing it...

  11. ...particularly as Tony’s informant is nothing more than a malicious gossip. Tony says this:
  12. [Name deleted by Police] further advised me that she was talking with some friends recently who told her that when Hinton died in Australia about 3 years ago that he had committed suicide?

    And according to her friend Derrick was apparently under investigation in regards to the disappearance of two young females.

    Dad did not commit suicide. He died in his sleep, having been unwell for some time from smoking-related causes. He was, at the time, living in a secure unit at a rest home because he had severe dementia. When my sister and I last saw him alive, in February 2008, he didn’t even know who we were. Neither at the time of his death nor at any other time, was dad under investigation for anything.

  13. And lastly...another internal Police email, this time from the Kawerau Police to the Rotorua Police, on 10 February 2012:
  14. [Name deleted by Police but who else is it likely to be but Tony Moller?] has been rung by a guy called [name deleted by Police].

    This [xxxxx] guy knows Derek HINTON, he said that on new years day (sic) 1976 he noticed Hintons (sic)car parked on the side of the road by the Waipawa mill south of Rotorua. Apparently this is the day theat (sic) Hiedi (sic) Charles went missing from Rotorua. (go figure)

    Another story told to Tony by someone else...a someone else who, 36 years later, can remember a specific car on a specific date at a specific place, but didn’t think it was important back in 1976 when Ms Charles’ disappearance was all over the media. (And if this person was on that road, does that make him a suspect too?)

    It is not a good start that even the name of the sawmill is wrong. The one outside Rotorua is the Waipa sawmill. Waipawa is in central Hawkes Bay.

    And, about five minutes research on the Internet (that’s how long it took me anyway), established that there were sightings of Heidi Charles by two separate people, on 2 January 1976. Aside from that, there has never been any evidence that Heidi Charles was abducted and killed, but substantial evidence suggesting that she may have faked her own disappearance and started a new life elsewhere.

    In early 1976 the Police responded to media suggestions that the disappearances of Mona Blades and Heidi Charles were linked, by saying that they were “arrant nonsense” and “sensational and totally unfactual reporting”. Pretty much what we have had from Tony. What next Tony? If you try hard enough, maybe you can prove dad was Jack the Ripper too.