The "Army" Story

We have in this case the stories told by Tony and the story told by his sister and law, and now we have the third leg of the trifecta - the story told by Tonyís brother, John Moller.

It goes back to 1972, although John apparently didnít tell the Police or anyone other than Tony until December 2011. John says he saw dad wearing a GSM medal, and dad told him he had served as a military policeman and dog handler with the British RAF in Cyprus.

Fascinating, except that Dad was never a military policeman or a dog handler, he did not serve with the RAF and he never once in his whole life went to Cyprus. He served his compulsory national service in the army with the Royal Engineers, and served in Germany as part of the British occupation forces after World War II.

I suppose dad could have made up a story for John Mollerís benefit, but I doubt it. The aspect that casts doubt on the entire story, is that dad did not have a GSM (General Service Medal) so John canít have seen him wearing one. The GSM was always awarded with one of 17 clasps according to where the wearer had served, and dad never served in any of the places for which the GSM was awarded. Cyprus was one of those places, but only in respect of service between 1956 and 1960, and dad not only never went to Cyprus but was discharged from the army in 1955.

I have dadís medals. He gave them to me himself, to keep for my son, as he was proud of them. There are no military medals amongst them, only his Ministry of Transport ones and a few random bits and pieces.

Also, dad was really proud of his service in Germany. He liked the people he met there, and learned to speak German pretty well. Over the years, if anyone ever asked him about his military service, I only ever heard him respond by talking about Germany; and he loved to have the opportunity of conversing in German if he ever met any German people. So no, I donít think he would have told John Moller an invented story. Maybe John Moller confused him with someone else.